3 Signs You Are Unlikely to Receive an Offer to Purchase Soon

by Suburban Homebuyers 08/05/2018 If you recently listed your home, you may expect many offers to purchase to come your way in the near future. However, the house selling journey can be difficult to navigate, and there are many signs that indicate offers to purchase your home may be unlikely to arrive any time soon. These signs … Continued

Factors for Home Sellers to Consider Before a Home Showing

by Suburban Homebuyers 09/02/2018 As a home seller, you recognize that your house is one of many that is available to prospective homebuyers. However, unlike most home sellers, you’re willing to go the extra mile to ensure that your residence represents an attractive choice to homebuyers. Although you may commit significant time and resources to get your … Continued

Top 10 Home Improvements Under $100 to Boost Your House Value

by Suburban Homebuyers 09/23/2018 Boosting the value of your home doesn’t have to require huge renovation projects, thousands of dollars, and months of planning. Making small, tactful home improvements can do the trick just as well. The key to making desirable home improvements is to follow well-established building and design principles. Don’t worry about the latest trends … Continued

Home Selling Worst-Case Scenarios, and How to Avoid Them

by Suburban Homebuyers 11/25/2018 Although a home seller wants to enjoy a quick, seamless home selling experience, problems sometimes can arise along the way. And if a home seller is not careful, these issues may cause him or her to encounter one of the dreaded home selling worst-case scenarios. Ultimately, there are many home selling worst-case scenarios … Continued

How To Spruce Up For An Open House Quickly

by Suburban Homebuyers 12/23/2018 When you’re selling your home, things can get really busy, really fast. You want your home to be in tip top shape to give it the best chance of selling in a timely manner. There are a few things you can do in a short time frame that allows you to spruce up … Continued

Open Houses: What Sellers Need to Know

by Suburban Homebuyers 03/11/2019 An open house can have a significant impact on the property selling journey. As such, it is important for a property seller to allocate time and resources to prepare for an open house. If a seller plans for an open house, he or she may be able to boost the likelihood of a … Continued

How Much Money Do You Need to Sell a House?

by Suburban Homebuyers 05/26/2019 Ultimately, the amount of money an individual requires during the home selling journey varies. If you intend to sell a house, it often is a good idea to plan ahead for any expenses you may encounter along the way. Because if you fail to account for potential house selling costs, you may struggle … Continued

Common Things That Reduces the Value of A House

by Suburban Homebuyers 06/09/2019 When trying to sell any property, getting the best deal is what you should try to achieve. However, this is not usually the case every time. There are factors, some within and others outside your control that could reduce the overall face value of your house.It helps to know some of the essential … Continued


Richard Balsam, Suburban Homebuyers. by Suburban Homebuyers 04/02/2020 Back in 2003, I decided to try my hand at rental housing, and mailed out letters to homeowners looking to sell their house quickly. I soon realized the issues facing many homeowners that needed to sell my house fast in Atlanta and surrounding areas… When I found a homeowner … Continued

How to Fix Your Windows & Door Screens

by Suburban Homebuyers 06/01/2020 Photo by Chris Thornton from Pexels Thanks to screens, we can enjoy being outdoors without all the dirt and insects.  Open windows let the breeze in without letting in anything else, and we can picnic on our screened-in porches without the bug spray.  Screens can generally take a lot of wear and tear, but when subjected … Continued

Know Your Home Selling Options

Suburban HomeBuyers, LLC 09/21/2020 When it comes to selling a house, there is no need to make rash decisions. Instead, you should review your home selling options closely so you can make informed choices time and time again. There are many factors to consider as you review your home selling plans, and these include: Your … Continued